Today, in Germany, Aral - it is not just a brand, it is more synonymous with the quality of fuel and lubricants. 
The brand with almost 100 years of history is created as a brand of high-quality fuel, and still holds the bar for the quality, gradually expanding the network of fuel stations (their total number in Germany is already close to 2500), bistro, car washes and other elements of road infrastructure in Western Europe. 

According to recent studies, more than 90% of Germans trust the products released under the trade mark of Aral. Motor oils and lubricants - just one aspect of the group's activities.
But "one of the" - does not mean minor, because it is under the Aral brand was released the world's first multigrade engine oil is fully synthetic base, and it was in 1939 (!).

Brand Aral literally grew out of the test-tube. in 1920 chemist of Company B.V. (Benzol-Verband) Walter Oswald  invented new highly effective fuel type based on a mixture of gasoline and benzene. The name for New fuel Oswald invented himself - "AR" taken from the words of aromatic (benzene belongs to the group of aromatic organic compounds) "AL" - from the aliphatic (gasoline - to aliphatic compounds). It turned out - B.V. ARAL -  then the latest fuel now - a recognized quality standard and one of the most respected brands in the German     energy market.

Benzol-Verband was founded in 1898 by the merging of 13 mining companies of the German city of Bochum,  main direction of Company was the sale of aromatic hydrocarbons - production of coke products (toluene, xylene,  benzene) to chemical companies. Exactly in Bochum is still the central office (headquarters) of ARAL. 
The  first lubricants of own production B.V. released to the market in 1929, and already in 1939 there is the  world's first multigrade engine oil Aral Kowal based on fully synthetic.

As a result of the growing popularity of the brand, in 1952, the company B.V. renamed in B.V. - ARAL, and for the first time word Aral becomes a part of the company's logo. And already in 1962 and the happened separation of ARAL B.V., as a result was borned joint stock company Aral AG.

In 1967, Aral AG controlled by the three largest shareholders with at approx. 28% of the shares: VEBA-CHEMIE  AG, Gelsenberg AG, and (attention!) Mobil Oil AG. But it goes on to Veba Oel AG (formerly VEBA-CHEMIE AG), but to the year 2000 Veba Oel AG becomes a full 100% owner of Aral AG in 1978, with controlling stake (56%).

Finally, in 2002, the company Veba Oel AG was sold to the BP group (British Petroleum), from this point on Aral  becomes an official representative office of BP in Germany. More than 600 BP petrol stations in this country  renamed to Aral and repainted in a familiar and respected in Germany, white and blue colors.